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Parking Sensors Professionally Fitted at Your Home or Work - Mobile Installation throughout Sussex, Hampshire, Berkshire & Dorset

Parking Sensors Hampshire, Sussex & Dorset
Professionally Fitted at Your Home or Workplace
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Parking Sensor and Reversing Camera Prices

Here you can find out exactly what you get for the price that you pay.
'ANY CAR' really does mean 'ANY CAR'!

parking sensors hampshire

Our Parking Sensor Prices with a Guarantee for as Long as You Own the Vehicle

All rear parking sensors are always fully automatic (they turn on whenever you are in reverse gear)

Rear Parking Sensor Prices
  • 4 Rear Parking Sensors with Audible Warning: £150
Front Parking Sensor Prices
  • Front Parking Sensors Option 1 - we fit a switch and you switch them on when you want to: £175
  • Front Parking Sensors Option 2 - operate when brake pressed - on 5 secs when object infront of you - after 5 secs go silent if stationary - move closer to object then 5 second operation is repeated. Also operate when in reverse gear so ideal for parallel parking: £225
  • Front Parking Sensors Option 3 - we install a Canbus (computer) integration to make fronts totally automatic, the fronts turn on when you start the engine, & stay on until vehicle at 6mph. They turn back on when speed reduces to 6mph:£250
Front AND Rear Parking Sensor Prices
  • Front AND Rear Parking Sensors - with Option 1 above for front: £265
  • Front AND Rear Parking Sensors - with Option 2 above for front: £315
  • Front AND Rear Parking Sensors - with Option 3 above for front: £340
Visual Displays, Cameras & Monitor Prices
  • If you want a visual display for front or rear add £20.00
  • Rear view camera and monitor: £180 (deduct £30 if fitted the same time as parking sensors)

Parking sensors are always painted the same colour as your vehicle except when the bumper is black. Parking sensors are always guaranteed as long as you own the vehicle. Cameras and monitors are guaranteed for 2 years.

We need the colour code for your vehicle, visit for more information or you can call your vehicle dealership, ask for the parts department, and they can give it to you from your registration number.

The installation can be done at your home or workplace. We do not need access to power.

  • Rear sensors operate via reverse gear.
  • Front sensors operate via a small switch
  • Automatic front sensors switch on automatically at 1 mph and switch off at 6 mph
  • If you have a towbar fitted we can fit a separate isolator switch for the rear sensors.
  • This means that you can turn them off when hitched up.
  • This switch is free of charge

Average camera and monitor installation for most cars is just £180, or, if fitted with parking sensors, £150.

Reversing Cameras Pricing

Our basic listed price of £180.00 for a rear view camera and monitor for ANY CAR or VAN is for our generic cameras that are fitted in the bumper or in the number plate surrounding and a free standing or mirror mount monitor.

Every installation of PARKING SENSORS is guaranteed
for as long as you are the registered keeper of the vehicle

parking sensors hampshire

Get in Touch

If you have questions about our parking sensors or parking cameras please feel free to ring us. Or, if you are in Hampshire or within a 60 mile radius of Southampton, and would like us to book a fitting for your new parking sensor or camera, please get in touch.

Just give Bob a call on 01489 449020 or 07979 353696

parking sensors hampshire

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